Building the future of
strength measurement

When KangaTech founder Steve Saunders was the Head of Performance at North Melbourne FC, like most, he used a handheld dynamometer to measure his athletes’ strength.

But it had its limitations. It relied heavily on the skill and strength of the operator, perfect positioning and alignment are critical, and it only measures strength at a specific point in range.

Needing a more reliable way to measure strength, a breakthrough idea came while in Utah for altitude training.

North Melbourne FC would take sponsors on these off-season trips so they could “train like an athlete”, and the combination of performance practitioner problems and software development expertise led to the birth of KangaTech.

Building first-generation hardware with two bars and a sensor in the middle, KangaTech was quickly adopted by the NBA and EPL and secured patents for an innovative approach to strength measurement. Meanwhile, injury rates at North Melbourne FC dropped and they were having success on the field - they’d found a competitive advantage.

KT360 is KangaTech’s second-generation technology designed for the heaviest, strongest athletes in elite sport. The KangaTech team are all experts in sports performance and are obsessed with building the future
of strength measurement.






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