Enhancing Performance: How Leeds United's Consistent Use of KT360 Elevates Strength Testing

Over the last three years, which have been spent across the Premier League and the EFL Championship, Leeds United uses KT360 weekly to provide baselines for return-to-training markers throughout the season.

How Leinster Rugby utilise KT360 within their Performance and Rehab programs.

"From a practitioner's perspective, KT360 consistently objectifies what we have from the point of view of our rehab progression and performance markers in terms of return to play." - Emma Gallivan, Senior Physiotherapist, Leinster Rugby.

St Helens RFC using KT360
to determine return to competition

The club’s head physio, Nathan Mill, has a secret weapon
for quantifying when a player is safe to return to competition:
using KangaTech to measure neck strength.

How the University of Arizona uses KT360 to manage soft tissue injuries.    

Soft tissue injuries can be a significant challenge for athletes, impacting their performance and productivity.  In this case study, an offensive lineman with bilateral patellar tendonitis, effectively managed his injuries using KangaTech's KT360.

Coventry City FC use KT360
to identify asymmetries.

“We’d been looking at various pieces of equipment
that might improve our objective ability to measure
certain parameters with our players and KangaTech
was a big part of what I needed,” Godfrey said.

How the Sacramento Kings
used KT360 to prevent injuries

We spoke with the members of the Sacramento Kings organization
to get their insights on how KangaTech has helped the team.

How the Portland Timbers utilised KT360’s visual feedback for their return to play strategy.

KT360 has become an integral tool for the Timbers, enabling them to develop comprehensive player profiles that highlight strengths and areas of improvement. As the team navigates the return to play process, these profiles become invaluable in understanding potential areas that require focused attention.